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Call for Papers
Nietzsche and Chinese Thought
Fall 2015 Issue
with Guest Editor, Dr. James Luchte

The Agonist is seeking submissions. Essays may cover artists and art works in any of the arts: visual art, literature, music, theatre, dance, cinema, or any other form of art that contributors wish to argue possesses aesthetic legitimacy. Contributors should be mindful of The Agonist primary readership: professional philosophers, academicians in the arts, and practicing artists.

We invite submissions particularly from university faculty members and graduate students. However, independent scholars and working artists are welcome, as well. Our primary concern is with the quality of the thought and writing, not with the author’s credentials.

The Agonist is also seeking English translations of any material by Nietzsche not currently available in translation or which demands to be newly translated. Primarily, we are looking for translations of his letters, as well as translations of his early and late papers, such as essays, lectures, and lecture notes. A full list of these works can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Agonist accepts review copies of books on art, film, aesthetics, Nietzsche, and related fields, and will seek reviewers to write on them. Book publishers interested in forwarding review copies can contact the editors at or you can use our contact form.

Please submit initially a proposal for an essay, which must be original work by the submitting author. Unsolicited manuscripts will be returned unread.

For further details, please see The Agonist Contributor's Guidelines.


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