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“One thing above all is certain: these new duties are not the duties of a solitary; on the contrary, they set one in the midst of a mighty community held together, not by the external forms and regulations, but by a fundamental idea. It is the fundamental idea of culture, insofar as it sets for each one of us but one task: to promote the production of the philosopher, the artist and the saint within us and with out and thereby to work on the perfecting of nature.
--Nietzsche, Untimely Meditations, “Schopenhauer as Educator” § 5


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The Nietzsche Circle (NC) is a philosophical community whose reach is worldwide, spanning the globe from the Americas to Africa, Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia. Our international advisory board consists of world-renowned scholars and artists such as Babette Babich, Pierre Hadot, Joseph Kosuth, Donald Kuspit, Laurence Lampert, Hermann Nitsch, Graham Parkes, Gary Shapiro, Walter Sokel, Joan Stambaugh, Mark Strand, Paul van Tongeren and others.

To date, the NC has staged musical, literary, cinematic and theatrical events from philosophical vantage points. Through festivals, workshops, lectures, and conferences as well as other events, we explore Nietzsche’s work and the various manifestations it leads to in the arts and sciences. Out of this engagement with Nietzsche’s philosophy, we seek not only more acute understanding of his work, but to instigate the creation of entirely new works, whether theoretical, or artistic, in different fields of culture.

Through our website, which reaches nearly 150,000 people a year, we publish one peer-review journal: The Agonist. The former is dedicated to studies of Nietzsche and other relevant philosophical works and includes a special section strictly devoted to Nietzsche’s art of exegesis. No journal on Nietzsche currently features such writing. It also features translations of poets who are of significant stature in their own cultures and whose works in English translation have not been published, are out of print, or are infrequently and inaccurately published.

As an independent organization that receives no assistance from any institution, the NC relies on your magnanimity to sustain itself. Please help support the activities of the NC with a donation. In offering your support, you are assisting the community to continue actively striving to invent new possibilities of life and to offer activities and events that further explore Nietzsche’s philosophical investigations. A financial contribution is far more than a form of economic sustenance that enables the Nietzsche Circle to continue its work; it is a form of support that identifies you as a member of the Nietzsche community and underscores your recognition of the relevance and need of that community’s work. In an epoch of increasing religious fundamentalism in many denominations, it is all the more imperative. Now, Nietzsche’s work could not be more relevant.

“Nietzsche is the philosopher of our age . . . [his] aspirations are the aspirations of a Plato . . . [and his] teachings may come to be as historically important as Plato’s have been.”
--Laurence Lampert


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