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The following is a list of our contributors. We would like to thank all of them for their contribution to Nietzsche Circle's website publications and to The Agonist.

  • Yunus Tuncel
  • Babette Babich
  • David Kilpatrick
  • Stefan Lorenz Sorgner
  • Julian Jason Haladyn
  • Rachael Sotos
  • Paolo D'Iorio
  • Paul Bishop
  • Martine Prange
  • Frank Chouraqui
  • Joseph La Sac
  • Jill Marsden
  • Rainer J. Hanshe
  • Gerald L. Brun
  • Keith Ansell-Pearson
  • James Luchte

  • Maria João Mayer Branco
  • Hugo Drochon
  • David van Dusen
  • Katrina Mitcheson
  • Véronique M. Fóti
  • Joseph D. Kuzma
  • Angela Holzer
  • Horst Hutter
  • Keith W. Faulkner
  • John Montfort Gist
  • Arno Böhler
  • Nicolas Leon Ruiz
  • Christopher Branson
  • Lawrence J. Hatab
  • Philip Pothen
  • Nicholas Birn

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The Agonist is refereed peer review journal. If there is a book you wish to review, send us full details on the book (link to publisher’s page on the book, etc.) and one sample of a published book review you have written. Any work received that does not follow the appropriate guidelines will not be read. If you have any questions with regard to our guidelines or submission policy, contact us at


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