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    Seth Binsted

    Seth Binsted studied Philosophy in the graduate department at Stony Brook University. His academic work has focused on both Nietzsche and phenomenological philosophy. Under these headings, his research interests include aesthetics and architecture, pain, technology, and poetics. He is primarily interested in the variegated intersections between philosophy and the imagination

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    Kaity Creasy

    Kaity Creasy is an NYU graduate and is currently a doctoral student in philosophy at University of New Mexico-Albequerque. She is primarily interested in contemporary philosophy, especially Nietzsche and Heidegger.

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    Jack Fitzgerald

    Jack Fitzgerald completed his Masters in Philosophy from the New School for Social Research in 2012. His primary focuses included German Idealism and Twentieth-Century Ethical and Political Philosophy. In his thesis: Practical Reason in a Changing Environment, A Kantian Approach to Climate Change, he explored the recent revolutionary uprisings in the Middle-East labeled the Arab Spring not as a final quest for democratic rule but as a direct result of climate change. Predicting the future floods of refugees these revolutions would unleash, he argued that Kant's political philosophy best lead the ground work for a more cosmopolitan world view which climate change was already forcing apon us. After graduate school, and several years of working in India, Nepal and Indonesia, Jack currently lives in Santa Cruz, California where he is working as a carpenter, writing fiction and surfing

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    David Kilpatrick

    David Kilpatrick is Associate Professor of Literature, Language and Communication at Mercy College, NY. He earned his Ph.D. in comparative literature and M.A. in philosophy at Binghamton (SUNY).He serves on the Editorial Board of The Agonist. His areas of specialization are violence and representation, modernism, history of drama and the theory of criticism. He has published on Nietzsche, Bataille, Mishima, Nitsch, Barker, and is a theater critic for The Brooklyn Rail. He is the author of Writing with Blood: the Sacrificial Dramatist as Tragic Man (Eye Corner Press, 2011).

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    Krista Johansson

    Krista Johansson is the Managing Editor of The Agonist and serves on the Board of Directors at The Nietzsche Circle. She is a multilingual, award winning scholar, specialized in Nietzsche’s philosophy of the body, art, and how to understand his ‘rhetoric,’ musically. Her upcoming dissertation demonstrates how Nietzsche’s vision of affirmation (Bejahung) – instead of showcasing a paradox as has been claimed – is a question of movement and bodily resonance. As the 2015 winner of the award and 2016 nominee for The Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher Award, Krista’s passion for teaching and mentoring at The New School and Parsons School of Design has gained recognition. She has held over twenty international presentations on Nietzsche in the United States, United Kingdom, Chile, Finland and Turkey. As the recipient of the Young Talented Researcher – award, her work has been featured in The Helsinki Times and MTV3. When Krista is not engaged with her research and the two book projects she is currently working on, she paints, enjoys art in NYC, and writes fiction for fun.

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    Luke Trusso

    Luke Trusso has been an Adjunct Instructor in the Philosophy Department at NJCU since 2009. He is also adjunct faculty at Laguardia Community College in Queens. He has a Masters Degree in English Literature from SUNY Buffalo, and a MA in Philosophy from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, and he is currently working on his dissertation in Environmental philosophy towards a PhD at Duquesne University. HIs research interests include Environmental Aesthetics, Nietzsche, American Literature, and Psychoanalysis.

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    Yunus Tuncel

    Yunus Tuncel is a co-founder of the Nietzsche Circle and serves on the Editorial Board of The Agonist. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the New School for Social Research. He is the author of Towards a Genealogy of Spectacle (Eye Corner Press, 2011) and Agon in Nietzsche (Marquette University Press, 2013). His areas of research include art, competition, culture, myth, power, and spectacle. He is interested in the fusion of art and philosophy in various cultural formations.


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