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David Kilpatrick

David Kilpatrick is Associate Professor of Literature, Language and Communication at Mercy College, NY. He earned his Ph.D. in comparative literature and M.A. in philosophy at Binghamton (SUNY).He serves on the Editorial Board of The Agonist. His areas of specialization are violence and representation, modernism, history of drama and the theory of criticism. He has published on Nietzsche, Bataille, Mishima, Nitsch, Barker, and is a theater critic for The Brooklyn Rail. He is the author of Writing with Blood: the Sacrificial Dramatist as Tragic Man (Eye Corner Press, 2011).
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Luke Trusso

Luke Trusso has been an Adjunct Instructor in the Philosophy Department at NJCU since 2009. He is also adjunct faculty at Laguardia Community College in Queens. He has a Masters Degree in English Literature from SUNY Buffalo, and a MA in Philosophy from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, and he is currently working on his dissertation in Environmental philosophy towards a PhD at Duquesne University. HIs research interests include Environmental Aesthetics, Nietzsche, American Literature, and Psychoanalysis.
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Yunus Tuncel

Yunus Tuncel is a co-founder of the Nietzsche Circle and serves on the Editorial Board of The Agonist. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the New School for Social Research. He is the author of Towards a Genealogy of Spectacle (Eye Corner Press, 2011) and Agon in Nietzsche (Marquette University Press, 2013). His areas of research include art, competition, culture, myth, power, and spectacle. He is interested in the fusion of art and philosophy in various cultural formations.
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