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While the Nietzsche Circle has received support from its affiliate institutions, such support has been minimal; our guests have either received nothing or very minor honorariums. It is their abundant generosity in part that has enabled us to stage the events we have; thus, your support and contributions are vital.

The NC is an autonomous organization and since its inception has received no grants; generally, grants are not given to organizations until after several years of existence. Thus, we are always in need of support. Through becoming a member of the NC, or by making a contribution, you will enable us to continue to present more of the kinds of events we have, as well as further develop our website. Your contributions will also help us to remain autonomous and sustain our independence.

The Nietzsche Circle will be affiliated with relevant institutions which choose to support it but always retain its autonomy. It is our desire to collaborate with other philosophical and artistic organizations and individuals. If you are interested in such collaborations, please contact us at

Nietzsche Circle Sponsors

  • Adrian Balestra
  • Beril Bayrak & Can Bulucu
  • Hilmi Bitim
  • Françoise Cornu
  • Howard Davis
  • Steven van Leeuwen
  • Fariba Makooi & Gregory Ryzhak
  • Armand Musey
  • Constance Old
  • Meltem Paker
  • Steven van Leeuwen
  • Lou Salome (Anonymous)
  • Robert Schaecher
  • Emre Tuncel
  • Mehmet S. Tuncel
  • Senay Tuncel
  • Eleanor Alper
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