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Nietzsche Circle Membership

To become a member of the Nietzsche Circle community and lend your support to the organization is to offer sustenance that enables the NC to continue its work. It is a significant gesture that reveals the relevance of the community’s work and the interest that it has for its members, who make up the community. Our tasks while singular are also the tasks of culture at large:

“One thing above all is certain: these new duties are not the duties of a solitary; on the contrary, they set one in the midst of a mighty community held together, not by the external forms and regulations, but by a fundamental idea. It is the fundamental idea of culture, insofar as it sets for each one of us but one task: to promote the production of the philosopher, the artist and the saint within us and with out and thereby to work on the perfecting of nature.--Nietzsche, Untimely Meditations, “Schopenhauer as Educator” § 5

Members receive free admission to two Nietzsche Circle events, free textual analysis sessions, discounts on books when available, e-mail announcements, and an electronic copy of The Agonist prior to their official publication online. While those outside NYC cannot take advantage of some of these benefits, we still encourage you to become members of a community held together by a fundamental idea. In the future, some activities may be conducted outside of NYC.

Membership is for one year and the fees are as follows:

  • Regular Membership
  • $25


  • $40


  • $100


  • Student Membership
  • $15


  • $24


  • $60


  • Institution Membership
  • $65


  • $120


  • $260


The advisory board of the Nietzsche Circle includes not only renowned artists and writers, but some of the most eminent Nietzsche scholars in the world; in becoming a member, you are engaging with a prestigious community that is actively striving to invent new possibilities of life, of taking the arrows which Nietzsche shot into the air and shooting them in new directions. New ways of thinking lead to new ways of living.

If you wish to become a member, make the required payment to our Paypal account via the buttons above and forward your receipt confirmation along with the relevant info listed on the membership form to: Any further contributions (PayPal donations) are welcome and deeply appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact us via e-mail. Thank you for your interest and support.

Download Membership Form

To become a member of the Nietzsche Circle community, you can download membership form as either Adobe PDF or MS Word format (clicking icons below) and send the form to:

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Support Us

Please consider donating! The NC is a not-for-profit organization. As an independent organization that receives no assistance from any institution, the NC relies on your magnanimity to sustain itself. Please help support the activities of the NC with a donation Donations of any kind, whether of money, services, equipment, or in-kind gifts, are all of great necessity and deeply appreciated.