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Book Celebration Party

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    Organized by the Nietzsche Circle for Yunus Tuncel's recent book Agon in Nietzsche (Marquette Uni. Press, May 2013)

    Agon in Nietzsche is a comprehensive study of Nietzsche’s relationship to the agonistic culture of ancient Greece.

    Moderator: Dr. David Kilpatrick

    Date: On June 21, 2013, Friday
    6:00 pm -8:00 pm
    Hosted by Ms. Eleanor Alper

Here's YouTube video from the book party. Appologies for video quality as our main camera multifunctioned, we had to use our phone's video capture

Philosophy and Poetry: Rilke and Nietzsche

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    Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei, author of The Ecstatic Quotidian: Phenomenological Sightings in Modern Art and Literature, and Katja Brunkhorst, author of Verwandt/Verwandelt. Nietzsche’s Presence in Rilke, discuss their recent work on philosophy and poetry in Nietzsche and Rilke.

    Moderator: Mark Daniel Cohen

    Date: Friday, March 28
    Time: 7 - 10 PM
    Place: NYU’s Deutsches Haus, 42 Washington Mews, at University Place

Nietzsche & Religious Conflict:
Talibanism in the Abrahamic Religions: An Evening with Horst Hutter

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    What happens when the metaphysics of religions loose their ability to calm anxieties? What are the movements in the ‘soul,’ as Nietzsche configures it, that ignite in us emotions of fear and anxiety, anger and rage?  How does a rethinking of Nietzsche’s reversal of Platonism help us to critically confront the psychopolitics of our contemporary situation, plagued by war, religious strife, psychic conflict and the incapacity to manage the resources of the planet?

    For a copy of Horst’s insights, click here for his thought-provoking abstract.

The Culture of Contest: Christa Davis Acampora vs. Yunus Tuncel
An Evening with Music, Poetry, Food, and Spirits

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    In this evening with music and poetry, Christa Davis Acampora and Yunus Tuncel will discuss Nietzsche’s agonistic philosophy and how its teachings are applicable to issues of contemporary society. They will explore the mythic, poetic, artistic, and political aspects of the culture of agon in ancient Greece and in Nietzsche’s interpretation of it. Moreover, they will assess contemporary society, politics, and political theory through Nietzsche’s agonistic thought.


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    Experience the earthy, ritualistic spectacle of Requiem Aeternam Deo: A Play for Everyone & Nobody, written & directed by Fulya Peker. Staging the death of God, this Middle Eastern woman blends Eastern and Western traditions to explore the necessity of creating new values in the midst of such social and religious crises.
    A captivating fusion of painting, dance, music, and ceremonial rites, Peker’s Requiem evokes the spirit of Butoh and Grotowski and is ripe with a sense of the earth. Requiem Aeternam Deo is a timely and provocative play which expresses with real force the need for sacredness in an open universe not constricted by monotheistic laws or man made borders. In our tempestuous religious epoch, this work addresses some of the dangerous trials we are engaged in. Experience the Eternal Requiem now!

Be sure to read:

The Nietzsche Circle’s interview with Fulya Peker on Requiem Aeternam Deo: A Play for Everyone & Nobody in our Interviews section. Horst Hutter’s interview with Graham Parkes on Nietzsche and Thus Spoke Zarathustra in our Archive Interviews section. David Kilpatrick’s interview with Fulya Peker in the April issue of The Brooklyn Rail. For a copy as an Adobe pdf file, click here. George Hunka’s review of Requiem Aeternam Deo: A Play for Everyone & Nobody, on his blog Superfluities.

NIETZSCHE. DREYER. GERTRUD. RODOWICK. A screening and discussion of Carl Dreyer’s Gertrud

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    On Saturday, January 20th at 7 PM, the Nietzsche Circle will present the second installment of its cinema series, Nietzsche & Cinema, with a screening and discussion of Carl Dreyer’s Gertrud.
    For Gilles Deleuze, the cinematic time-image is the highest expression of a Nietzschean ethics, where philosophein is, simultaneously, expression and existential choice‹the medium and idiom of a life.  Here the Nietzschean moral universe defines an ontology of descent and ascent, destruction and creation, a base will to power fueled by ressentiment and the will to truth, and a creative or artistic will that affirms life and its powers of transformation while seeking out possibilities for enhancing these powers and this life. The film was chosen by David Rodowick of Harvard University, who will address the relationship between Gertrud and Nietzsche’s philosophy. Rodowick is the author of Gilles Deleuze’s Time Machine and, most recently, Reading the Figural, or, Philosophy after the New Media.


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    A slide presentation and discussion with the artist. Moderated by Mark Daniel Cohen

    ECCE HOMO celebrates the release of Frenn’s new monograph, Art for Life’s Sake, which features essays by Donald Kuspit, Howard Reznikoff, Mark Daniel Cohen and others.

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